Just Eyes

The eyes are the windows to your soul. So why not frame those eyes with the perfect color pallet for both your skin tone and eye color? The rest, we leave up to you for a cost-effective and express option for a woman on the go!

Price: $45

Full Face

Get your ‘Complete Beauty’ fix with a full face application for flawless skin, perfectly shaped brows, piercing eyes and kissable lips.

Price: $60

Bridal Party

A professional camera-ready makeup application, designed to respond to flashes and various lighting scenarios, is essential for your friend or loved-ones big day… Or to distract from your ‘lovely’ Bridesmaid dress!

Price: $65


Our Makeup Artists will sculpt, shape and contour every detail, painting the picture-perfect application that you will be proud to share with future generations to come.

Price: $85