Jessica Lopez

Co-Owner and Master Stylist

Simply put, Corinne is the lifeblood of Salotto and the personification of “Complete Beauty.”

And “Complete Beauty” is more than skin-deep, it is both an experience and a state-of-mind. As our Director of Guest Experience, the softness of Corinne’s manner belies an unrelenting focus: EVERYONE GETS THE SAME “COMPLETE BEAUTY” EXPERIENCE, EVERY TIME.

Corinne Lam

This is no small task. Corinne listens with a deftness and focus beyond her years, and she has a particular gift for drawing out a look or vibe that a client may be unable to articulate.

Such an intent focus on relationships involves all details big and small. She can recall the name of every guest since we first opened our doors, their hair issues and how they take their coffee.

But to us, above all, she is a friend and mentor who empowers stylists, assistants and guests alike to feel Completely Beautiful.