At the salon, he is sometimes overheard recalling childhood memories of how his mother’s friends would rave over their hairdressers, and how these spirited conversations sparked his passion for ‘making people feel beautiful.’

From those early formative years, Anthony pursued his passion without means or privilege, even going so far as to attend beauty school in secret. In high school, friends would form a line from the bathroom out the front door, sometimes waiting hours for a trim, to both the pride and frustration of his mother.

He has since parleyed these humble beginnings into an internationally recognized career as a master of hair that spans the most elite studios and academies from New York to London, Vancouver to Milan.

The unique combination of his hard knocks upbringing and worldly experience has resulted in a creative but eclectic philosophy that he imparts to all of our stylists. Having mentored dozens of assistants into confident successful stylists, Anthony emphasizes a meticulous attention to detail and “controlling hair, not letting it control you.”

Anthony Lam

Anthony also holds more than a decade of experience as the Director of Education to exclusive boutiques here in San Diego, where he first developed his simple, yet powerful customer-centric philosophy: “Always spend how ever much time perfection takes.” He and his wife, Corinne, now translate that mantra and their hair-experience in teaching the many young Stylists that come to Salotto to enhance their training in all things hair.

In his own words, Anthony’s vision for Salotto is “an upscale salon without the intimidation. No fake kisses or attitudes. Just real caring people…who rock at hair.”