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HAIR — Of all the accessories we collect and don throughout each day, it’s the only one we don’t remove when we go to bed. It’s our one, true physical attachment to style and self-confidence. Our identity, our attitude… sometimes our morning nemesis, it’s always our first impression’s first impression.
Meaning “formal living room” in Italian, SALOTTO brings passion and worldly experience to San Diego – not to mention a completely unique hair styling experience in a relaxed, home-like enviornment. Your “dream-do” comes true with our masterful techniques, fine-tuned by years of dedicated practice and professional training. Salotto Salon & Blowdry Lounge is conversational by intent, designed to invite you into a warm and welcoming atmosphere of eclectic tranquility.

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Who Do You Wanna Be Tonight?

A good night starts with a good do. We’re talking about your hair – but who knows where the night will go when you look this gorgeous. You’re yourself all the time. And while we don’t doubt how awesome you are, give yourself a rest. Take your alter ego out for a night on the town. After all, a new hairstyle totally allows for a new personality to match. Tonight is yours – and your alter ego’s. So, who do you wanna be?

It’s not change. It’s Choices.

What Style Does Yours Lead To?

See Your Hair O-Scope


When you walk into Salotto Salon & Blowdry Lounge, you’re greeted by smiling stylists with perfect hair, a stylish interior, and a wall of amazing-smelling R+Co products. Salotto isn’t your typical suburban salon. Tucked away in a quaint mediterranean-style bungalow, Salotto provides a temporary escape from Rancho Bernardo– an oasis from the ordinary. You may drive along West Bernardo Drive and have no idea there’s a salon within the lush, gated perimeter of Rancho Bernardo Courtyard. This ideal, tucked-away setting is the ultimate enclave for style and relaxation.

Upon arrival, you’re greeted with the warmth and kindness of Salotto’s stylists and stylists-in-training. You’re offered an inviting sofa, a selection of wine and tea, and a plethora of magazines and books. If you wait, you may find yourself taking photos of the beautiful peacock adorned accent wall. You might ask how it’s possible for hair products to smell so good. And you may even ask about the teal-painted end tables geniously stacked as display shelves around the salon. It’s these creative details that make Salotto a happy, trendy space un-like any other.

This world-class salon’s comforting nature and stylish aesthetic is only rivaled by the experience of Salotto’s hair artists.

Salotto’s owners, Anthony and Corinne Lam, believe in continually educating their team of stylists to master the latest techniques in styling around the world. As Artistic Director, Anthony Lam dedicates himself to training and expanding the minds of all Stylists through Salotto’s in-house Assistant training. Corinne continues to evolve their growth in styling and the customer service oriented aspects of their industry.  It is because of this ongoing training, you’re in great hands no matter which stylist you choose.

Upon sitting in your stylist’s chair, your ears will fill with the sounds of snipping scissors, blow-dryers, and laughter. Your stylist will listen intently to the look you want to achieve and patiently answer any questions you have. Don’t know what “balayage” is? They’ll explain it to you. Not sure whether you should go with the full or partial highlight? They’ll help you decide. Need an extra boost of encouragement to go with that edgy ‘do you saw on Pinterest? They’ll make sure you walk out feeling confident in knowing that your new style will suit your lifestyle, wants and needs.

Salotto’s menu of haircut options for men and women, balayage, highlight/foil options, hair treatments, and styling options cater perfectly to anyone who steps foot in the salon. People of all ages can be seen in Salotto at any given time, and there’s something for everyone, at various price-points for all. Classic or edgy, sleek or unique…Salotto’s experienced team will make your hair dreams come true with their style-sense and expertise.

At Salotto, the conversation flows, the relaxation is unparalleled, and the talent is world-class.

Your hair will thank you.

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When you walk into Salotto Salon & Blowdry Lounge, you’re greeted by smiling stylists with perfect hair, a stylish interior, and ...

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``Like flying first class after years of taking a free bus. The staff is very friendly and patience... even with an indecisive guy such as myself. They've been professional and consistent.``

``One of my favorite things about Salotto is the hair wash. OMG!!!! the most relaxing, tranquilizing, soothing feeling ever!! I highly recommend this salon to anyone, satisfaction is guaranteed.``